Come Hunt for Trolls at the Morton Arboretum

Pink flowering tree at Morton Arboretum, the site of the 2019 Troll Hunt

There are so many amazing cultural offerings in Naperville that it’s hard to go wrong. For a nice day outside in a beautiful setting, consider the Morton Arboretum, just 13 miles from River Run at Naperville. The Morton Arboretum boasts a full calendar of events including educational programs and narrated tram tours. One of their most delightful events happening through the end of 2019 is the Troll Hunt.

What is the Troll Hunt?

Dotted throughout the property are six trolls lovingly cobbled together from reclaimed wood by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. Ranging in size from 15 to 30 feet high, these massive sculptures harken back to European folklore. The trolls first appeared at the Morton Arboretum in the spring of 2018. Since then they have acted as guardians of the trees at this natural oasis. However, they are a little shy around humans, so visitors must hunt for them throughout the 1700 acres of woodlands, wetlands, and prairies that make up the preserve.

How to Join the Hunt

The Troll Hunt is included in the price of admission, but visitors can also pick up an official Troll Hunter’s Handbook to assist in their adventure. The handbook not only shows how to locate the trolls but also includes essential tools you’ll need for your journey. Those wishing to learn more about trolls can also visit the on-site Troll Archives at the Sterling Morton Library.


If accessibility is a concern, the Troll Hunt website has information about which trolls can be most easily accessed. All trolls are located within 3/4 of a mile from the nearest parking area.

Of course, the Troll Hunt is only one of many great reasons to visit the Morton Arboretum. Other features include a children’s garden, nature trails, and opportunities for people of all ages to get outside and explore. And if the idea of having this and many other enriching activities in your own backyard sounds appealing, contact us today to find out more about our dynamic community. We’d love to give you a tour!

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