Break a Sweat at TITLE Boxing Club

A group of amateur kickboxers practicing drills together and shadow boxing at their local gym.

You’ve tried many workouts before to no avail. You need to be encouraged and motivated to stay the course. Rest assured, Naperville residents, because there is an immediate solution to your problems at TITLE Boxing Club!

Workouts At TITLE Boxing Club:

The workouts at TITLE Boxing Club are motivating and effective, ensuring that you reach your fitness goals at the time frame of your choosing. From boxing to MMA, you can choose a workout medium that fits your personal and fitness needs.

They offer boxing, kickboxing, and recently added MMA workouts that will enhance your physical and spiritual well-being. Build the body you’ve always wanted with high-intensity interval workouts designed to shape your body and mind.

Workout at Your Convenience:

TITLE Boxing has workouts for any time constraint. The lengths range from 30 to 75-minute workouts (if you’re really motivated). There’s no excuse for you to not at least give TITLE Boxing Club a try!

In fact, here’s what they offer:

  • A variety of workout class styles
  • Flexible class times
  • Intro-to boxing tutorial & TITLE Techniques class
  • Free weights, weight equipment, and cardio equipment
  • Unlimited guest passes for your first two weeks

It Gets Better:

  • Personal training options
  • Options for great retail, gear, clothing and more
  • Community and events

What’s even better is that residents of River Run at Naperville will receive a waived enrollment fee. You’ll save a whopping $99! And for an added bonus, you’ll also receive a free pair of hand wraps. Wow!

So, live a little and take up the offer to join TITLE Boxing Club. As the New Year approaches, it’s the perfect time to try something new while meeting your fitness goals in 2019. Enjoy!

River Run at Naperville is a wonderful community that offers luxury amenities and a state-of-the-art fitness center. If you’re looking to relocate to the area, contact us for a tour. We’re happy to show you around!

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