Try Rolled Ice Cream at Snow Town

A man serves rolled ice cream

Just when you thought you’d tried every type of ice cream imaginable, a new creation emerges! The trendy new thing in Naperville is rolled ice cream, which is the specialty being served at Snow Town. Rolled ice cream is a Thai tradition, and now it has come to Naperville.

What Is Rolled Ice Cream?

Rolled ice cream is just what the name suggests. Each order is prepared right in front of you, which is really fun to watch. The ice cream crafter will scoop out some of your favorite flavors, add your desired toppings, and then use a rolling pin to roll the ice cream flat on a chilled table. They’ll then slice the ice cream into strips and roll them all up. The strips are then placed into a serving dish along with more toppings for garnish. Not only is rolled ice cream delicious, but it makes for a pretty presentation.

About Snow Town

Snow Town is a small, locally-owned ice cream shop. The owner is usually on-site and likes to talk to customers in person. There are a few tables where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream, although many customers take their treats to-go. Jars of candies and other toppings give the place a playful feel.

Delicious Options

One nice thing about Snow Town is that they allow you to choose your own flavors and toppings, so really, the sky is the limit when it comes to flavors. A delicious choice is mango and strawberries. They’ll stir fruit right into the ice cream and also display some more on top. Chocolate Dream is another fun order. It’s topped with chocolate sauce, M&Ms, and a toasted marshmallow on a stick!

Learn More About Rolled Ice Cream

Stop by Snow Town at 1001 75th Street in Woodridge, IL, and try rolled ice cream. Contact us to learn more about our community at River Run Apartments.

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