Rock Out at the Naper Night Community Concert Series

Naper Night music festival

August is when you need to be in Naperville and in your new luxury apartment home at River Run. Why? You do not want to miss your chance to rock out with friends, family, and new neighbors at Naper Settlement’s Naper Night Community Concert Series. This is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Woodstock Music and Art Fair. The featured band will be Soundtracks of a Generation.


What is so important that we should celebrate Woodstock? 1969 was a point in the history of the United States when many were divided on multiple issues. That year over 400,000 people came to the fields of Bethel Woods and listened to music from Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Hendrix. People stayed in spite of the rain and mud and danced the nights away.

Soundtracks of a Generation

This cover band will give an unforgettable performance as a tribute to Woodstock. The concert will take you on a chronological journey so you can experience each day of the Woodstock festival. You will experience jazz, Latin rock, the blues, and psychedelic rock. You will find yourself swaying to the music, your feet will be dancing, and you will experience history in a whole new way.

River Run

After the concert, you will be a short distance from your new luxury apartment home at River Run. You can be the envy of friends and family as you relax next to the pool, spend time in the game room, work out in the fitness room, or grill steaks for your friends after the concert.  Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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