Stop by Naperville’s Best Pizza Joint: Jet’s Pizza

shot of pepperoni pizza on wooden cutting board

Who can disagree that pizza is one of this nation’s favorite foods? The flaky crust, rich sauce, and melted cheese on a hot pie are enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Residents of River Run at Naperville¬†know that the best pizza is only found at¬†Jet’s Pizza. Why Jet’s Pizza The answer is simple: fresh ingredients. […]

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Break a Sweat at Orangetheory Fitness in Naperville

woman performing intense workout on treadmill

At Orangetheory Fitness in Naperville, your body is certain to be pushed to its limit, as your regular workouts get an ample boost. Combining cardio aspects of treadmills, rowing, and weighted exercises, Orangetheory challenges participants to pump up their heart rate. As a result, you’ll burn tons of calories during and after exercise. Getting Into […]

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Visit Ten Friends Blow Dry & Style House

Young hairdresser drying customers hair with round brush at hair salon.

River Run at Naperville strives to offer the best to our residents, extending beyond our luxury apartments. In fact, it’s our desire to make luxury a priority in all aspects of your life. This includes a variety of businesses who aim to please their clientele and treat them to only the best services. Businesses like […]

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