Catch the November Fun in Downtown Naperville


It is a frosty, cold November here in Downtown Naperville. Why not avoid the frostbite and enjoy some warm holiday moments with family and friends? Only 15 minutes from River Run, Downtown Naperville has several activities occurring that’ll take away the workday blues and help you find some wonderful, holiday magic. So, whether you’re looking […]

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Check Out a Martial Arts Class

man doing karate

Did you know that martial arts training is one of the best total body workouts and that it’s the only adult program that strengthens all aspects of your health and fitness? If you would like to learn some new moves, nearby studios include: Baekwoon Martial Arts Academy Baekwoon owner and chief instructor, Sensei Jeremy Talbott, has more than […]

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The 3 Best Fine Dining Restaurants Nearby

fine dining table setup

If you and your sweetheart like to enjoy fine dining experiences, here are three restaurants you don’t want to miss: Parkers’ Restaurant & Bar  At Parkers’, guests discover the very best of the land and sea. The restaurant boasts that it has a unique relationship with American farmers and fishermen which allows the chefs to create […]

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