Enjoy a Fun Obstacle Course at Ultimate Ninjas

woman performing an intense workout at Ultimate ninjas in Naperville

As the American Ninja Warrior show continues to bring in high ratings, ninja gyms are opening across the country. Naperville has its own gym in the form of Ultimate Ninjas! This spacious, airy gym features fantastic obstacles and movement tools for adults and kids alike. So whether you want to be the next American Ninja Warrior or you just want to have fun and get fit, Ultimate Ninjas is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon.

About Ultimate Ninjas

Ultimate Ninjas aims to provide a place for the community to gather and embrace movement. They pride themselves on their supportive community and helpful, friendly staff. At the gym, you’ll find people who are more than willing to train beginners and help advanced members push their limits.

The gym also aims to provide a fun, interactive space for kids to gain confidence, build self-esteem, and learn to love movement. With three convenient locations in the area, parents love hosting birthday parties here.

Facilities and Lessons

This ninja gym features over thirty creative obstacles. You’ll find an agility course, parkour boxes, warped walls, swinging ropes, and climbing walls. Ninja fans will recognize many of the signature obstacles here. With a variety of upper body, agility, and balance challenges, visitors will definitely have a well-rounded session.

Ultimate Ninjas also hosts weekly ultiFIT classes, which they describe as, “the end of the boring workout.” Using the ninja equipment at the gym, trainers provide a fun and comprehensive workout session.

So, bring your best game! It’s said to challenge even the fittest athlete.

Environment and Vibe

At Ultimate Ninjas, you’ll find plenty of space, great lighting, and clean, contemporary design features. In fact, the space feels very modern. With the number of obstacles, workout equipment, and dangling ropes, the gym is like a giant playground for adults (and for kids, too).

Patrons also love that the gym is well-kept with an amazing staff!

Stop by after work for an invigorating workout with ultiFit or come during the weekend with friends for a fun-filled, unique activity.

Ultimate Ninjas is just one of many fantastic activities here in the Naperville area. At River Run at Naperville, you’re only steps away from awesome entertainment! Please contact us for more information on joining our wonderful community.

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