Enjoy a Fast-paced Evening at a Nearby Escape Room

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Are you looking for something different to do? Then head to a nearby escape room where you’ll enjoy a fast-paced hour you won’t soon forget!

The escape room concept began in 2007, and today there are more than 2,800 escape rooms around the world where teams have just sixty minutes to solve clues and puzzles that will help them successfully complete their game.

The best escape rooms around Naperville include:

Hidden Key Escapes

At Hidden Key Escapes, the games focus on challenging puzzles that make teams think. All of the rooms are built by hand by someone who has played many board and video games, and they engage everyone’s critical thinking and logic skills.

One of the games includes The Storage Room. Your treasure hunting team uncovered a priceless artifact in Peru, but the staff from a museum claims they made the discovery and claimed the object for themselves. It’s being stored in the museum’s basement, and you are on a mission to get it back.

Can you complete the task before the guards return?

Escape Strategy

The games at Escape Strategy are perfect for date night or an evening of team building with co-workers. Each game varies from three to eight players, and the success rate is between nine and twenty-three percent depending on the room’s difficulty.

There are three rooms to choose from including The Crime Scene. You are a detective who has just learned your partner has been found dead. Now you need to visit the crime scene to recover the murder weapon and determine the killer’s identity before he returns.

Will you become his next victim?

In addition to these escape rooms, our apartments in Naperville are also near top shopping and dining destinations. To call our community home, please contact us to schedule a private showing where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.

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