Endure It! 10k Relay Is Here in Naperville!

Group of runners in a cross country race Endure It! 10K Relay

The second annual Endure It! 10K Relay is here again. For those who do not know, this event entails a team of two people running a total of 5,000 meters each to combine a total of 10,000 meters. This event takes place on Sunday, July 14th in Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium at North Central College. Participants are eligible for awards and even cash prizes. If you are interested in the challenge, grab a friend and your best pair of running sneakers, because of the Endure It! 10K Relay is just for you!

What Is the Endure It! 10K Relay?

Dating back in 1960, Joe Newton coached the Dukes of Elmhurst York and had a training method, which is what Endure It! models its 10K Relay off of. Today, it is a great workout for everyone who is willing to try Joe’s training.

Participants will be given a baton, which is passed off to by partners that make a lap around the track. The track is 400 meters long and contestants make 12 runs each, totaling 5K per person, or 10K per team. One partner will have to make an extra lap to complete the 10K distance. As exhausting as this sounds, contestants receive refreshments to rejuvenate their energy. With this in mind, strategy plays a huge role in this competition. How you will conserve your energy versus other teams will result in either winning or losing. Make sure to pick the right partner.

People may even watch the race too! Tickets get you a seat to watch everyone race their hearts out. This is also an opportunity to invite loved ones to watch the race if you participate. Just make sure you arrive early to warm up.


All participants will receive a free runner t-shirt and some food to recover. Winners are also eligible for $10,000 in cash and prizes, making it crucial to winning this race! Of course, the most attractive award that everyone receives is an excellent workout. What an incentive to come down with a partner and race!

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