Where to Enjoy a Gourmet Hot Dog Around Naperville

Close up of a woman holding a gourmet hot dog

Did you know that hot dogs are served in 95 percent of American homes? They’re also on the menu at restaurants across the country. Several eateries around Naperville are known for their gourmet hot dog options, including: Gemato’s Wood Pit BBQ When brothers Tom and Mario Gemato decided to open a fabulous barbecue joint, Gemato’s […]

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Try Rolled Ice Cream at Snow Town

A man serves rolled ice cream

Just when you thought you’d tried every type of ice cream imaginable, a new creation emerges! The trendy new thing in Naperville is rolled ice cream, which is the specialty being served at Snow Town. Rolled ice cream is a Thai tradition, and now it has come to Naperville. What Is Rolled Ice Cream? Rolled […]

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